"Prayer of the Birches", January 2013, Annie McGuinness

India ink and graphite

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"Root City", Annie McGuinness, May 2013

Watercolor and Ink on Watercolor Paper
"Spring Spirits", Annie McGuinness, April 2013

Oil pastel on Pastel Board
(I apologize for the smudges near the outer edges of the board. I plan on cleaning them up and then also adding highlights onto the flowers in the foreground.)
“Casa”, 2012, Annie McGuinness

[Digital Photography}
"Sitting Pretty", Winter 2013, Annie McGuinness

[Ink slow contour line drawing of interior with watercolor overlay]
"Springtime Singularity", May 2013, Annie McGuinness

[Digital Photography]
"Lilac’s Palace", May 2013, Annie McGuinness

[Digital Photography]

A Tale of Transience
It’s only a matter of                time
Before the leaf                        falls away,
    and the flower                     withers;
Before roots are uprooted
   and                                     the majestic 
   oak, cut down;
Before the sun sets
    the darkness envelops   
    the earth;
Before the stars explode in     brilliant 
then are gone 
It’s only a matter of time
Before the fires of love           burn out; 
Before friends 
into the faceless;
Before  time  steals 
memories  out  from  under       you,
  and you become                    a stranger, 
        a guest,
      in your   own    home;
Before  every    thing,
            every     person, 
            every     place,
            every      moment,            
It’s   only   a   matter of time 

Annie McGuinness

To Where I Began
take me to where 
the grass meets the sky
where the things grow tall  and wild,
where none have gone before
       or ever will go 
to nature’s hallowed grounds
take away my shoes,
 my human disguise
turn me   loose, 
turn me   wild,
and let me run
      like I used to 
with    wild abandon
bare feet meet earth
legs carry me away, far away, 
beyond man’s reach
      on    instinct 
escape the   ruins   of good intentions, 
the   poison   of progress,
the   instability   that rules,
following the beat 
of a drum to nowhere
I’ll find my   rhythm   once more
in the place that I was born
Annie McGuinness
 Bambi…on a cupcake.

"Rendezvous with the Moon", 2009,Annie McGuinness

[Collage* with colored pencil]

*The photographs used are not mine; they are from magazines  like National Geographic and Family Circle.

"Ice Queen", 2009, Annie McGuinness

[Mixed Media Mask inspired by Winter elements and harlequin masks]
“The aim of every artist is to arrest motion, which is life, by artificial means and hold it fixed so that a hundred years later, when a stranger looks at it, it moves again since it is life.”
- William Faulkner
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